• Medium, general purpose and heavy duty models
  • Wide range of slat types, including standard, slotted (11% ventilation) and perforated (40% ventilation)
  • Full range of opening sizes up to 12,000mm high and up to 12,000mm wide to suit large and small industrial facilities
  • Springing system custom engineered for each shutter with up to 35,000 cycles
  • Standard locking by a guide-mounted, lockable chain clip
  • Smooth and quiet running due to nylon end clips on slats
  • Low maintenance, with no grease required


Doors are available in a range of powder coat colours available as well as galvanised finish.

Where to Buy

Taurean and Stramit account holders can buy Secura-T Roller Shutters from either their local Stramit or Taurean office. We do not sell direct to the public but our products are sold through door resellers across Australia.

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This product is available in all states and territories of Australia. Our standard manufacturing lead time is 6 working days (for standard doors) plus transport time.

News and Case Studies

Check out Stramit’s latest news, product releases and updates, and case studies featuring our quality Aussie-made steel products.

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General Information close-medium-white

Taurean Door System's Roller and Sectional Door door products are protected in Australia by registered designs.

Our safety recommendations are as follows:

  • Operation of the garage door should only be done by adults; do not allow children to operate the door.
  • Children should be supervised when the door is in use.
  • Only operate the door when
    • people are a safe distance away from the door
    • the door is in full view and free from objects including people, pets, cars, bikes and toys.
  • Ensure that the door is fully open before driving into or out of the garage.
  • Regular maintenance of the door is required, please refer to the door care section on this website for further details.

Please contact Taurean Door Systems for more advice, or to obtain contact details of Taurean's Door Dealer in your area who can service your door.

Stramit has in-house, purpose built testing equipment used to design, develop and improve products for the Australian market.

Many of our products, including Taurean Door Systems' roller doors, are tested or witnessed by independent organisations. These include University of Technology, Sydney; the Cyclone Testing Station (James Cook University); The University of Sydney; and CSIRO.

The ongoing research and development activity ensure we remain at the forefront of innovation, design and consumer information.

Without appropriate measures in place, roller doors can be easily damaged in transport. The following handling advice will help ensure your Taurean roller door is delivered safely and damage-free.


  • Top load only, taking into consideration rollers doors can each weigh up to 200kg
  • Lift the roller door from the axles only
  • Store under cover on a flat clean surface


  • Lift the roller door with a fork lift
  • Mix load types - only load roller doors with roller doors
  • Transport on bearers/timber gluts or A frames
  • Fasten straps too tightly when securing the load
  • Store upright or on a dirty surface
  • Sit, stand or place objects on the roller door

The 12 month product warranty covers domestic installations only and is for steel cracking, lock seam failure of the door curtain and all other door items.

Excluded from the warranty is salt corrosion or any damage to the door curtain from any environmental conditions or issues.

Technical Information close-medium-white

Heavy-duty extruded aluminium T or box section steel bottom rails are available in three profiles to suit different applications.

An electric motor drive can be fitted to any roller shutter.  Drives feature travel limit switches, wall-mounted reversing contactor box with thermal overload switch, oil-filled heavy duty worm drive gearbox with emergency hand chain operation in case of power failure. 

Motors are three-phase or single phase to suit power supply. Optional remote controls, card readers and key switches are also available.

Standard locking is provided by a guide-mounted, lockable chain clip for all geared shutters.  For non chain-wheel shutters, padlock shoot bolts are supplied.  Padlock shoot bolts are optional on all geared shutters.

Available to suit door opening heights between 2000-6000mm high and widths from 1500-7000mm wide.

Mounded nylon end clips ensure smooth, low friction operation, and can be readily replaced if damaged or worn. Standard nylon end-clips are fitted to every second slat in all shutters, except wind-locked and fire resistant models.

Special bottom rails can be fabricated to suit slopes, steps or any non-standard opening.

Shutters can be pre-punched or perforated to provide ventilation for applications such as shops and car parks.  Slotted slats provide 11% maximum ventilation, while perforated slats achieve 40% ventilation.

Special heavy-duty rubber seal available to seal the bottom rail against rain, leaves and dust.

For areas subject to high wind conditions, or for very wide openings, 75mm or 100mm shutters should be fitted with malleable iron wind-lock end-clips and steel wind-lock guides.  Wind-lock clips prevent the curtain disengaging from the guides under wind pressure.

Installation Information close-medium-white

Our Installation Instructions provide all the information you require to install your door. Please contact Taurean's customer service team if you need more help.

Maintenance Information close-medium-white

The following handy hits and tips will help ensure your garage door has a long life.

Basic rules

  • Wash the door with warm, soapy water every 14 days.
  • Wash both sides of the door and in the case of a roller door, ensure the top 'roll' is washed.
  • Do not wash the garage door motor/operator as this could void the warranty and cause electrocution.
  • Wash more frequently in harsh conditions like close proximity to the sea (salty environment) or where industrial fallout may be present.
  • Clean the inside of the tracks every 3 months with a dry cloth, then spray with a silicon furniture polish and wipe again with a clean cloth.
  • Do not use grease, oil or spray lubricants in the tracks.

Regular maintenance

  • It's important to check the door and its operation every 6 months - more in harsh environments.
  • Check that the door is running smoothly and freely in the tracks. If the door is automated ensure the door has been placed into its manual mode first. Refer to the motor’s instruction booklet.
  • Check any lifting cables for wear and tear. If there is any fraying contact Taurean Door Systems. DO NOT attempt to repair or remove.
  • Check all screws, nuts and bolts making sure they are secure.

Service and repair

  • We recommend any service or repair of your garage door, either a roller door or sectional door, is done by a Taurean Door Systems recommended installer.
  • To ensure your door is working correctly and running smoothly we also recommend you have your door serviced by an experienced technician on a yearly basis.

Please contact Taurean customer service team for more advice.

For tracks, locking bars, locks, mullions and openers, operators and operator accessories for your Taurean Door, please refer to the Stramit Product and Service Guide for your area.