Introducing The Stramit Book of Answers™

17 August 2020

Every now and then, something comes along that changes the game completely. Stramit has created the new ground-breaking book The Stramit Book of Answers™ to do just that.


The First Edition Stramit Book of Answers™ has launched, in a new take on product and design reference guides. Rather than giving you reams of numbers to calculate yourself, so you can make design decisions, the book gives you the initial answers.

The book walks you through a complete building design solution, with worked examples to demonstrate each stage of the process.

Its step-by-step approach can help you make faster initial decisions on the job, covering roofing design through to flooring, and everything in between.

No more guess work is needed to find the right product – we give you the initial answer, based on your own information – not just the numbers to work out.

Ken King, Stramit Business Development Manager, said the book was a ground-breaking tool for busy customers needing initial answers to choose the right product.

“This book is really exciting – we’ve made over 24,000 calculations so our customers don’t have to.

“Customers will have the convenience of just picking their own variables, such as location, wind loads and more, and then being able to select potentially suitable products for their project.

“It fits in their back pocket, and our numbers are based on today’s building codes and standards for compliance,” he said.

Tony Jankulovski, Stramit General Manager Sales, said the book was a reflection of Stramit’s commitment to questioning what’s possible and how we can do things differently.

“There are books out there that help tradespeople make decisions regarding product selection, but they do make people work for the answer.

“We listened to customer feedback about how to do this better – that’s how The Stramit Book of Answers was born,” he said.

The Stramit Book of Answers™ is available now as an e-book and PDF download.

Head over to our launch page to download your copy.