Stramit proud to be a NATSPEC Product Partner

23 May 2022

Stramit recently became a Product Partner with NATSPEC – the National Building Specification database, meaning it’s now easier than ever to incorporate Stramit building materials into a building specification.

Stramit-branded detailed work section templates now available for download for Profiled Roof Sheeting, Metal Cladding, Purlins and Condeck HP® decking.

These technical specification documents, developed by NATSPEC in conjunction with Stramit, include all our proprietary product names and performance characteristics.

Stramit’s inclusion as a NATSPEC Product Partner has been led by Chris Lambert, the Central Region Commercial Sales Manager, who says NATSPEC is held in high regard among architectural and engineering associations, and the partnership gives extra confidence in Stramit.

“Our branded work sections mean our products are top of mind when a new project gets specified, and our inclusion with NATSPEC speaks to the quality of our products,” Chris said.

“It makes it easy for architects and engineers to choose Stramit.”

Work sections are typically used by architects and engineers to help document projects. They define the required quality of the project and its component products, working in conjunction with the project’s drawings.

Work sections are supplied in Microsoft Word format for easy customisation of colour, features and more.

NATSPEC has over 1500 practices using its subscription nationally and its website describes it as “a national not-for-profit organisation that is owned by the design, build, construct, and property industry through professional associations and government property groups.”

Their objective is “to improve the construction quality and productivity of the built environment through leadership of information”.

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