5 Ways to Use Stramit’s SharpLine® Architectural Cladding

31 July 2023

Stramit’s SharpLine® architectural cladding is known for its on-trend, modern aesthetic and showcases a select range of premium colours and finishes. Its sharp ribs and flat pans create texture as light and shadows transform throughout the day.

But SharpLine® cladding’s real beauty lies in its versatility. Suitable as either roofing or wall cladding, and able to be installed horizontally, vertically or even diagonally, how you position it on a building is totally up to you. It’s perfect as either a seamless part of a design, or as a bold feature that stands out.

It’s certainly not restricted to one type of application either – with popular uses ranging from residential to commercial and even rural projects.

Read on to learn more about just some of the ways designers have taken it to the next level with Stramit’s SharpLine® cladding.


1. Be the envy of the neighbourhood

An architecturally designed house featuring sections with different types of cladding in a weathered iron look to the left and a graphite look in the centre

Move over, Barbie dream home.

When your client wants anything but ordinary for their dream home, the choice in cladding can make or break the design.

Keep it classy while kicking it up a notch with the contemporary standing seam design of SharpLine cladding. It’s perfect to add a feature to a home’s façade, or to fully deck out modern designs.

Available in a select range of popular COLORBOND® steel colours, as well as premium finishes such as our UniCote® LUX range, there’s a colour option to suit any dream home.

SharpLine® cladding is available in COLORBOND® steel Basalt®, Monument®, Night Sky®, Surfmist® and Woodland Grey® as standard, with an extensive range of colours and finishes available on request including options in a matt finish.

For a distinct look, UniCote® LUX finishes Silver Quartz, Ashwood, Pentagon, Spectrum, Weathered Iron and Zinc Graphite mimic the look of other sought-after building materials while offering all the strength, durability and ease of use of steel.


2. Host the hottest holiday rental

An eco lodge in a lush green setting shot in rainy weather with timber decking and feature walls and dark grey steel Sharpline roof and wall cladding

To achieve an eye-catching and modern design that still complements a natural setting perfectly, you can’t go past SharpLine® cladding.

It sits perfectly alongside timber, glass and other building materials, making it an ideal addition to cabins and eco lodges. Plus, the inherent sustainable features of steel cladding are perfect for this environment.

All COLORBOND® steel contains recycled materials, plus steel cladding is 100% recyclable. Often, it’s able to be repurposed without even requiring further processing. Additionally, it boasts other eco-friendly properties like increased durability and thermal performance vs. other materials.

Guests want premium, modern accommodation that makes them feel at home, but with just a bit more luxury – give it to them with SharpLine® architectural cladding.


3. Set your apartment block apart from the rest

A close up section of an apartment building with SharpLine wall cladding featured in Zinc Graphite look steel

The strong lines and flat panels of SharpLine® cladding make it ideal as a feature on multi-residential projects.

In Australia’s growing cities, more and more people are embracing apartment or townhouse living in urban communities and have access to inner city amenities at their doorstep.

So, it’s only natural that architects and designers are seeking options to make these homes both functional and attractive – and SharpLine® cladding perfectly ticks both boxes.

The flat pans give the perfect, smooth and chic urban look for in-demand city residences.

SharpLine® cladding can also be used on the lower floors of high-rise buildings – adding a touch of something extra to building facades at eye level.


4. Get shed loads of compliments

A Fair Dinkum Builds Shed featuring SharpLine cladding with an outdoor patio area wrapped by a neat garden

Just because it’s a shed doesn’t mean it can’t look good AND be functional.

Especially when your shed can be your farm storage, home office, garage, hobby room, granny flat, workshop, man cave and outdoor entertainment are – sometimes all in one! There’s no need to compromise on the design when it’s such a big part of your life.

Plus, you can get creative like our customers did above – combining the chic and architectural look of SharpLine® cladding on the more visible areas with the more economical Monoclad® profile elsewhere on the shed.


5. No compromising on convenience

A KFC in Burleigh QLD featuring Stramit's SharpLine wall cladding on the top section of the building

Maybe surprisingly – maybe not – SharpLine® cladding is a popular choice on fast food outlets and service stations.

We’ve seen it bring KFC stores and petrol stations alike to life – and there’s something about the sleek look of the steel that just works in this environment.

Who says grabbing a quick bite can’t still be an elegant experience? We think it’s the perfect balance between contemporary class and complete convenience.


So, whether you’re designing a dream home or urban oasis for a client, or looking for a cladding option to elevate your new shed build, or your new fast food outlet, there’s nothing quite like the aesthetic of SharpLine® cladding.

As far as steel cladding options go, its versatility is second to none, and there’s a reason it remains one of the standouts in our Architectural Range.

Learn more about SharpLine Architectural Cladding or download related documents and resources over at our SharpLine Product Page.