Our COVID-19 Response



Safety comes first at Stramit – no ifs or buts.

We believe everyone has the right to go home from work safe and healthy - our people, our contractors, our customers, and everybody else we come into contact with during the day. 

Safe people

We aim to make our workplace incident and injury free but know it everyone’s responsibility. It’s why Protect, our EHS program, focuses our leaders and our people on walking, caring, sharing and learning so we continually improve how we work safely.

When you work with Stramit, you can expect the same safety approach, regardless of who you’re working with. We: 

  • stick with our 10 Golden Rules developed to safeguard against known risks in our line of work
  • use tools and standards that are simple to use, access and understand
  • undergo consistent and ongoing learning 
  • receive support from our leaders who expect no less than safety first 
  • ask for help when needed, and
  • learn from our mistakes.

Healthy people

We believe if people are happy and healthy, they’ll bring their best self to work. We’re committed to taking care of our own and giving them the best support available, when they need it most.

Our people and their families can access an employee support program which offers a range of services such as personal or work-related counselling, advice on legal situations, or wellbeing coaching. They also get personalised support if they get injured or ill – and in partnership with other providers where it’s needed.

To find out more about how we look after our people, go to our workplace health and safety policies.