We're here to hear – Supporting RUOK? Day

11 September 2023

This Thursday, 14 September, we’re supporting R U OK? to remind everyone to stay connected and make asking, ‘are you OK?’ a part of our everyday.RUOK day yellow 4 steps infographic

That way if someone we know is struggling with something big or small they’ll know we care.

We'll be taking the opportunity this RUOK? Day to come together, share, learn and really prioritise the well-being of every member of our team. 

Our sites will be hosting a number of conversations and information sessions to raise awareness and encourage connection within our workplace. 

We're also encouraging our teammates all week to step out of our comfort zones and engage in conversations that matter. From making an effort to eat with others in the lunchroom or going to lunch with a teammate and taking the time to ask how they are, to simply starting a chat with someone we haven't met before, we're aiming to fill the week with meaningful connections and make sure no one has to struggle silently. 

We ask R U OK? because a conversation could change a life.

If you need immediate crisis or emotional support you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or . R U OK? is a national charity dedicated to inspiring all of us to have regular, meaningful conversations to support anyone going through a difficult time. You can learn more at

Yellow banner with the RUOK? logo with the messages I'm here to hear and a conversation could change a life.