• Next generation ZINCALUME® steel with Activate™ technology
  • Provides cut edge and bend protection to the steel base
  • Presents a flat, smooth and lightly spangled appearance
  • Forms the base substrate for COLORBOND® 
  • Performs better than galvanised steel

ZINCALUME® coated steel has a bright, uniform appearance that ages to a satin-like metallic finish.

Where to Buy

Stramit account holders can buy ZINCALUME® coated Stramit steel products from their local Stramit office. We do not sell direct to the public but our products are stocked by retail outlets across Australia.

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This product is available Australia-wide. Lead times may vary depending on location.

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General Information close-medium-white

ZINCALUME® coated steel should not be installed in contact with non-galvanised steel, copper, brass, lead, stainless or monel metal. Do not use lead flashing with ZINCALUME® products.

If nestable profiles become wet while closely stacked, formation of wet storage stain or ‘white rust’ is possible. To minimise the possibility of inadvertent damage:

  • Inspect deliveries on arrival. If moisture is present, individual sheets should be dried immediately with a clean rag and then stacked and filleted to allow air to circulate and complete the drying process.
  • Well ventilated storage is essential. Always store metal products under cover in clean, well-ventilated buildings.
  • Cross stack or fillet sheets where outside storage is unavoidable and make provision for a fall to allow water to run off.
  • Cover the sheets.

ZINCALUME® coated steel complies with the Type AZ coatings requirements of AS1397:2011.

ZINCALUME® products are not suitable for use in the following situations:

  • for water tanks or areas where a constantly wet environment is maintained
  • in direct contact with concrete or where lime deposits are evident, or
  • in contact with soil (allow a 75mm run off below cladding sheets to ground level)

ZINCALUME® products cannot be soldered.

Technical Information close-medium-white

For unpainted products the combination of coating mass and coating type determines the effectiveness of the metallic coating. The newer AM coating is superior to the original ZINCALUME® product.

Class 4 fasteners are recommended for outside conditions when using ZINCALUME® coated materials.

To ensure appropriate quality products are used in construction, comprehensive specifications from Stramit's relevant Product Technical Manuals should be included in the design documentation, including reference to ZINCALUME® material.

Installation Information close-medium-white

ZINCALUME® material can be easily cut, where required, using a power saw with a steel cutting blade or a power nibbler and, for localised cutting, tin snips. Avoid the use of abrasive discs as these can cause burred edges and coating damage. Please dispose of any off-cuts carefully.

Please refer to the SA HB 39:2015 Installation code for metal roof and wall cladding for correct installation guidelines, particularly in regard to underlays/building papers, penetrations, flashings, fasteners and pitch.

Where sealed joints are required, use only neutral cure silicon rubber sealant together with mechanical fasteners such as aluminium rivets. Do not weld or solder.

Maintenance Information close-medium-white

The service life is extended by regular washing. A mechanical wash every six months is recommended, more often if contaminants build up. At these times inspect for damage and failing fasteners, and repair these.