Create a captivating design statement with a smooth, seamless shadow effect.

For success in modern architectural design, you need a diverse suite of building products to support your vision.

That’s why we’ve added our new AvantaLine™ cladding to the Stramit Architectural Range, growing the collection to include another highly sought-after design option.

With its clean lines, flat panels and express joints and channels, AvantaLine™ cladding creates a distinctive shadow effect. It’s ideal for those seeking a sleek, contemporary architectural facade for their home or commercial project. AvantaLine™ cladding gives a smooth finish, hiding joints and fixings for a seamless look and feel.

Made from non-combustible, highly durable roll-formed steel, AvantaLine™ cladding gives you complete peace of mind for a long-lasting finish. It offers the same high quality and superior engineering of Stramit's other cladding products.

New AvantaLine™ Architectural Cladding

Even more textures to design with using our newly expanded Stramit Architectural Range

  • Create a sleek contemporary look with raised flat panels and shadow-forming recesses

  • Play with line direction, colour and finishes to get the look you want

  • Mix it up or smoothly integrate textures using our complete Architectural Range

  • Design with peace of mind using a safe, tested and non-combustible product.

AvantaLine™ wall cladding is produced in NSW and is available in New South Wales, Victoria and South East Queensland.

For more information and product technical details, visit our AvantaLine™ Cladding product page