Purlins in dust-prone areas

In some applications, the lower flanges of conventional purlins are susceptible to dust collection. Where this is regarded as a health or safety problem, Stramit can supply a solution in the form of lappable Z-purlins with downturned lips.

Lapped Z-purlins and girts are recognised as the most economical purlin configuration. To allow the downturned lip Z-purlins to be overlapped, Stramit rolls the flanges at top and bottom to a slightly different width. Turning alternate purlins enables the flanges to nest with each other, providing structural continuity.

While some manufacturers are able to supply both C and Z-purlins with downturned lips, they can only be installed as single or short double spans. Stramit can provide the lappable Zs needed for structural efficiency and economy.