Stramit Mini Corry® Cladding



  • 825mm Cover – to maximise efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Easy Fixing – conventional fixing for quick installation and good appearance.
  • Small Rib Size – small scale version of normal corrugated.
  • New Roll Formed Profile – with consistent profile and longer lengths to enhance the appearance of any project.
  • High Tensile Material – to improve handling and performance.
  • New Architectural Features – curved and perforated acoustic products are also available.


Stramit Mini Corry® panelling is an aesthetically pleasing lining for walls, and in particular for internal feature wall areas. The subtle corrugations also lend themselves to soffit and some ceiling applications.


Stramit Mini Corry® panelling is a cold roll formed steel product in G550 base material (550 MPa minimum yield stress) with ZINCALUME® (AZ150) coating in accordance with AS1397 or COLORBOND® steel available in a range of colours.


Spring Curving

Stramit Mini Corry® panelling is able to be spring curved to a radius as tight as 2000mm for additional architectural versatility. However, at radii of 6000mm or less the support spacing must be reduced to no greater than 1000mm.



For wall areas likely to be subject to human impact, sheeting spans should be reduced. Impact loads will vary considerably and these are not prescribed in Australian Standards. A maximum span of 900mm is suggested for such areas, but this should be adjusted dependant upon the exposure and importance of the application.


All self-drilling fasteners should conform to AS3566 – Class 3 and be completely compatible with the cladding material used. 

For steel
– No. 10 x 16mm wafer head or ‘Rippletek’ self-drilling, self-tapping screws.

In internal applications and for side laps, plain or pre-painted 3.2mm diameter sealed aluminium pop rivets can be used. 

For timber
– No. 10 x 25mm wafer head self-drilling type 17 screws.

Fastener Positions

Exposed applications require valley fixing to ensure an anti-capillary space aids in weather protection.  Please refer to page 6 of the Stramit® Wall Sheeting & Cladding Product Technical Manual.

Stramit Mini Corry®
panelling is usually fixed with 7 fasteners per sheet as shown on page 6 of the Stramit® Wall Sheeting & Cladding Product Technical Manual.

For internal applications Stramit Mini Corry® panelling with spaces of 1000mm or more requires the side lap to be stitched at mid-span. For installation information, please refer to page 11 of the Stramit® Wall Sheeting & Cladding Product Technical Manual.

NOTE – additional fasteners do not allow greater spans.


Product Availability 


Y - Yes     N - No     S - Subject to project size