Stramit® Purlins, Girts & Bridging



Prices of Stramit® Purlins and Girts, Stramit® Bridgingand their accessories can be obtained from your nearest Stramit location or distributor of Stramit products. 


Stramit® Purlins and Girtsare supplied cut-to-length. If you are designing or transporting long products ensure that the length is within the limit of the local Transport Authority regulations. All sections are custom-cut to length from 0.6m to 12.6m. For longer lengths, contact your Stramit representative to determine special transport arrangements. Lengths less than 1.5m will be supplied “sausage” style in a continuous run approximately 5m long with only a small uncut tag connecting the purlin. Simply break off individual purlins on site. Although supplied in a string, each purlin has individual marking labels. 


Stramit® Bridgingfor sizes 100 to 250 has a variety of components that are adaptable to all practical applications. Any combination of channel, locator end, lock end and bolted end can be supplied in a pre-assembled form.These are also available in a bolted form for use on curved roofs and at expansion joints.Additional accessories include turnbuckles, clamp plates, extended angle brackets and slotted channel.

Stramit® Bridging

is easy to install starting with the locator end and completing with the lock end. A detailed installation leaflet is available upon request. Stramit® Bridgingfor sizes 250 and 350 is a heavy duty bolted system which uses a C100 purlin in place of the channel.


Stramit® Purlins, Girts, Bridgingand accessories can be ordered directly from your nearest Stramit location. Exact details of lengths, hole positions and section sizes are required. Ask at your nearest Stramit location for order pad/detailing sheets.

Lead Times

Please talk to your nearest Stramit branch for current lead times on purlin manufacture and delivery.

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Delivery is subject to delivery location, quantity and material availability, or can be at a pre-arranged date and time. Please ensure that suitable arrangements have been made for truck unloading, as this is the responsibility of the receiver. Pack mass may be up to one tonne.