Walking on roof sheeting

Roof sheeting made from high-tensile steel is strong enough to support a very large weight - we've even driven a car over Stramit Speed Deck Ultra.

However, it is still possible to damage roofing profiles by stepping onthe wrong part of the roof. This can cause unsightly creases in the ribs which, while not affecting strength, can in extreme cases lead to leakage or reduced lifespan.

Follow these rules and you will maintain the good looks of the roof throughout its life:

  1. Never step on a single rib, except along the line of fastening, which shows the position of the underlying support structure.
  2. If you can walk between the ribs, then do so - most profiles have a pan or trough wide enough to walk in (e.g., Stramit Monoclad and Stramit Speed Deck Ultra).
  3. If the pan is too narrow, then walk on at least two ribs at all times (e.g. Stramit Corrugated and Stramit Longspan).