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The system is not suitable for
applications closer than 300 metres
to the coast or where it is exposed to
corrosive elements and/or fallout from
heavy industrial environments or similar.
Where extra protection is needed,
bearers and joists manufactured
from special ZAM
coated steel can be
used in conjunction with Steel-MAX’s
standard Dacrotized
fttings and
hot-dip galvanised stump tube, to form
a very long lasting and corrosion
resistant structure.
Further protection can be achieved
by painting the members with a
rubberized metal primer such as Wattle
PR30 or equivalent.
CCA or similar treated timber
should not be used where it is in contact
with zinc-coated steel.
If this does occur, suffcient full surface
treatment will be necessary to all steel
members to protect them against the
leaching of copper on to zinc coatings
and to protect against other potentially
corrosive elements contained in the
treated timber.
Termite protection.
Steel framing
complies with the Australian Standard
Termite Code AS3660.1. The clear and
clean surface of the steel members
exposes the trails of termites for
inspection and treatment where
Fire protection.
Steel is naturally fre
resistant and non-combustible, but the
fooring system can also be designed
to incorporate fre resistant insulation
products to comply with BAL (Bushfre
Attack Level) and energy effciency
requirements of the BCA and local
Fixing fooring to steel joists.
and sheet fooring can be gun-nailed
or screw-fxed to the steel joists, in
conjunction with appropriate adhesives.
If required, timber battens can be fxed
to the tops of joists, for hand-nailing of
decking or decorative fooring. Details
are included in the Installation Guide.
Cutting steel framing members.
Post and stump tube is supplied in
8m stock lengths for cutting on site.
All channel bearers and joists are
supplied pre-cut where possible. This
keeps the need for site cutting to a
Where cutting is necessary, use special
burr-free cold cutting saws. Drop saws
and hand-held circular saws with metal
cutting disc blades are also suitable.
Floor frames comprise
Stramit “C” channel bearers or RHS
bearers and channel joists, supported on
Steel-MAX stumps.
All connections are Tek screw fxed,
using Steel-MAX connector brackets,
which are specially designed for the
Joist sections used in foor designs are
available in various depths to suit the
required loads and spans. Hot-rolled
steel beams and sub-foor bracing are
not part of the standard offer, but can
be supplied on special order to designs
by others.
All members, fttings and fxings included
in each specifc job application are
covered by the system certifcation for
that job.
Refer to the separate
Installation Guide for construction
Special loads and design criteria.
Each foor framing system is individually
designed to suit each job. This can
include domestic and light commercial
load applications, incorporating various
wind and snow loads, as well as heavy
foor loads.
Designs comply with the requirements
of the BCA. Individual design of each
fooring system means that the design
criteria can be varied to suit each project.
The system is not limited to domestic or
residential applications and each job is
assessed independently.
Light industrial and commercial foors
with special load requirements, such
as mezzanines, schools, offces, gyms
and parking can easily be designed as
This document must be
read in conjunction with the separate
“General Notes & Specifcation” form,
supplied with every preliminary design.
This separate form contains important
notes, hints, design criteria, system
specifcations and disclaimers relevant to
the foor framing system.
Stramit and Steel-MAX standard
conditions of supply also apply to the
supply of the foor framing system.