Rainwater spreader VS Box gutter

Do you use rainwater spreaders? Have you considered using a box gutter to carry rainwater across a secondary roof?

Spreaders are a common method of partially re-distributing rainwater from a primary roof to a secondary roof. In order to spread the water, a series of small holes is generally employed. However, this is susceptible to blockage.

The localised concentration of water at spreaders can also cause leakage through metal sheeting sidelaps and roof tiles. And if there are gumtrees nearby, spreaders can cause unsightly staining of the secondary roof.

An alternative is to use a small box gutter running from the downpipe outlet across the secondary roof and into the gutter. If this box gutter is positioned against a vertical wall, make that side at least 10mm higher to allow for overflow and splash.

The box gutter can be ordered from Stramit as a flashing and can be made in the same Colorbond® colour as the roof.