Taurean Commercial and Industrial Roller Shutters


Design to perform, built to last

Taurean Roller Shutter Doors are custom built to withstand rigorous use and rough weather.  Manufactured under strict quality control from heavy-duty steel to the highest standards of performance.              

Typical factory/warehouse - 1 

Flemington Racecourse - 2 

K-Mart Doncaster - 3

Curtain - Horizontal interlocking slats manufactured from G300 steel with galvanised Z275 coating or factory powder coat finish 

Drum - Seamless steel tube with helical torsion springs to counterbalance curtain weight 

Bottom rail
- Strong steel box section or extruded aluminium T-section reduces deflection.  Can be fabricated to conform to sloping floors 

- Optional malleable iron wind-lock end clips and guides retain curtain in wide openings or under extreame wind conditions 

Chain drive
- Manual operation via chain wheel with single or double reduction gears 

- Advanced motorisation system available with three-phase or single-phase motor with overheating and overload protection

Slats can be perforated or slotted for ventilation - 1 

Wicket gates can be fitted to either side - 2

Heavy Duty

Ideal for factories, warehouses and other commercial and industrial applications. Suitable for wide openings and heavy wind load areas. Available with chain drive (for doors up to 7m wide) or heavy-duty electric motor.

Thickness (mm)
Slat size (mm)12510075
Maximum height (mm)12,00012,0007500
Maximum width (mm)12,00012,00012,000
Recommended clearances (varies with shutter size)
Headroom (mm)600 to 1000600 to 1000600 to 950
Roll diameter - approx (mm)450 to 700450 to 700350 to 700
Side clearance (electric motor)300 (Ltd) to 500 (Std)300 (Ltd) to 500 (Std)250 (Ltd) to 500 (Std)
Side clearance (chain drive)240 to 300240 to 300240 to 300
Side clearance (plain sides)250250180 (Ltd) to 250 (Std)


General purpose

Suitable for general use on medium-sized factory door openings. Appearance is the same as the Heavy Duty series, allowing the GP and HD models to be used in combination on adjacent large and small door openings.

Thickness (mm)
Slat size (mm)1251007550
Maximum height (mm)6500600055004500
Maximum width (mm)6000600060005000
Recommended clearances (varies with shutter size)
Headroom (mm)600 to 700600 to 700600 to 700300 to 600
Roll diameter - approx (mm)350 to 500350 to 500350 to 500280 to 400
Side clearance (electric motor)200 (Ltd) to 500 (Std)200 (Ltd) to 500 (Std)200 (Ltd) to 500 (Std)200 (Ltd) to 500 (Std)
Side clearance (chain drive)240 to 280240 to 280240 to 280220 to 280
Side clearance (plain sides)150 (Ltd) to 250 (Std)150 (Ltd) to 220 (Std)125 (Ltd) to 220 (Std)125 (Ltd) to 200 (Std)

*GP50-08 model with 50mm slat design for small comercial applications on shops, kiosks, trucks and vans, etc

Medium duty

Lighter weight shutters for smaller openings. Good for light commercial work.

Thickness (mm)
Slat size (mm)12510075
Maximum height (mm)500050004500
Maximum width (mm)500050005000
Recommended clearances (varies with shutter size)
Headroom (mm)600 to 650600 to 650350 to 600
Roll diameter - approx (mm)350 to 500350 to 500300 to 500
Side clearance (electric motor)200 (Ltd) to 500 (Std)200 (Ltd) to 500 (Std)200 (Ltd) to 500 (Std)
Side clearance (chain drive)240 to 280240 to 280240 to 280
Side clearance (plain sides)125 (Ltd) to 200 (Std)125 (Ltd) to 200 (Std)125 (Ltd) to 200 (Std)


Corrosion protection 

Curtains are of galvanised G300 steel with Z275 zinc coating.  All steel components, including drum assemblies, guides and brackets, are either galvanised or zinc oxide primed.  All geared shutters have fully electroplated chains.  Slats are self-draining.

Powder coated finish

Optional powder coated factory finish with choice of 50 colours.  Powder coat is more than twice the thickness of the average paint film and provides a long-wearing and durable finish.


Shutters can be pre-punched or perforated to provide ventilation for applications such as shops and car parks.  Slotted slats provide 11% maximum ventilation, while perforated slats achieve 40% ventilation.

Standard end clip 

Mounded nylon end clips ensure smooth, low friction operation, and can be readily replaced if damaged or worn.  Standard nylon end-clips are fitted to every second slat in all shutters, except wind-locked and fire resistant models.


Bottom rails

Heavy-duty extruded aluminium or box section steel bottom rails are available in three profiles to suit different applications.


Weather shield 

Special heavy-duty rubber seal available to seal the bottom rail against rain, leaves and dust.


Tapered bottom rails 

Special bottom rails can be fabricated to suit slopes, steps or any non-standard opening.



Electric operation 

An electric motor drive can be fitted to any roller shutter.  Drives feature travel limit switches, wall-mounted reversing contactor box with thermal overload switch, oil-filled heavy duty worm drive gearbox with emergency hand chain operation in case of power failure.  Motors are three-phase or single phase to suit power supply.  Optional remote controls, card readers and key switches are also available.



Wicket gates, escape doors 

Gates can be fitted to all shutters except those with wind-lock guides.  They mount to the guide track on the left or right side of the opening.  Wicket gates open to the inside and include a key-operated night latch which locks automatically when closed.  Gates are 1130mm high by 600mm wide and fit to the shutter curtain approximately 300mm above the bottom rail.  Escape doors, which open outwards, are 2000mm high by 1000mm wide and are mounted at floor level.


Wind-lock end clips and guides 

For areas subject to high wind conditions, or for very wide openings, 75mm or 100mm shutters should be fitted with malleable iron wind-lock end-clips and steel wind-lock guides.  Wind-lock clips prevent the curtain disengaging from the guides under wind pressure.



Lift-out or sliding mullions 

For very wide openings, double roller shutters can be linked with removable centre mullion.  Lift-out or sliding mulions hold both shutters securely and allow either to be operated independently.



Standard locking is provided by a guide-mounted, lockable chain clip for all geared shutters.  For non chain-wheel shutters, padlock shoot bolts are supplied.  Padlock shoot bolts are optional on all geared shutters.



Product Availability 


Y - Yes     N - No     S - Subject to project size