Stramit® Premier 300 Architectural Cladding



-  Simple Installation – “fix, hinge and cover and fix again” procedure.

-  300mm Wide Cover – for fast installation with the minimum of sheets and   fasteners.

-  Continuous Interlocking – to weatherseal all joints.

-  Secret Fixing – fasteners are concealed from view to give a smooth appearance.

-  Low Profile – for clean appearance and easy flashing and cleaning.

-  Horizontal or Vertical Applications – or any angle in between, to suit almost any architectural requirement.


Stramit® Premier 300 wall sheeting is a cold roll formed steel product in G300 base material (300 MPa minimum yield stress) with a zinc-aluminium alloy coating inaccordance with AS1397 and colour coating available in a range of colours.


Information relating to Serviceability Limit State Capacity and Non Cyclonic, please refer to page 8 of the Stramit® Wall Sheeting & Cladding Northern Region Product Technical Manual.




For wall areas likely to be subject to human impact, sheeting spans should be reduced. Impact loads will vary considerably and these are not prescribed in Australian Standards. A maximum span of 1200mm is suggested for such areas, but this should be adjusted dependant upon the exposure and importance of the application

Stramit® Premier 300 Fasteners

  All fasteners should conform to AS3566 – Class 3 and be compatible with the cladding material used. 

For steel
– No. 10 x 16mm wafer head self drilling, self tapping screws. 

For timber
– No. 10 x 25mm type wafer head self drilling Type 17 screws. Add 10mm to screw length for softwood applications. 

Alternatively use 4mm aluminium pop rivets or 40mm flat head galvanised clouts for steel or timber respectively.

Stramit® Premier 300 Fastener Positions

  Use one fastener per sheet at each support placed in the pre-punched slots. For further installation information, refer to page 15 of the Stramit® Wall Sheeting & Cladding Northern Region Product Technical Manual.



Product Availability 


Y - Yes     N - No     S - Subject to project size